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Tortured by CID! June 17, 2007

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Press reports that Nitin Chinien, well-known singer, has been tortured by the CID of Curepipe. This is not the first time that such allegation of violation of Human Rights are made against this particular division of the MPF. Nitin says he was arrested on no valid grounds and was brutally pushed into on a police vehicle when he asked the reason why he was being embarked, “lor enn princip droit de l’homme”. This last phrase deeply irritated the policemen and was one of the main reasons for which he was beaten, insulted and humiliated, claims Nitin.

Too often now are we hearing such stories in the media. Nitin is a public figure and his story has made its way to the papers, but how many people out there are being victims of Human Rights violations. Abuse, perpetrated by Police officers, who stand as icons of law and order in the country, makes it even more abhorrent. Let this be heard: Abuse of Human Rights is CRIME, by LAW! Let it be known, so that the state does NOT warrant such barbaric practices. Let us act NOW to stop TORTURE, especially by the Police Force.

What do HRS members feel about:

  • Torture ?
  • “Brutalité Policiere” ?

Nitin Chinien agressé parce qu’il a demandé le respect de ses droits

Nitin Chinien a logé une première déposition contre des membres de la CID de Curepipe qu’il accuse de l’avoir sauvagement battu, insulté, humilié et menacé dans l’après-midi de mercredi. Animateur à la MBC radio et chanteur, il lui a été reproché d’avoir réclamé le respect de ses droits aux policiers qui l’avaient abordé pour le fouiller sur la gare. Il a été battu dans la voiture des policiers et dans les locaux de la police, à Curepipe. Actuellement en traitement médical, il attend d’être remis sur pied pour se présenter une fois de plus devant le Complaints Investigative Bureau (CIB) de la police et devant la Commission Nationale des Droits de L’Homme. Entre-temps, un comité de soutien s’organise autour de lui.

Habituellement loquace et de bonne humeur, il peine à tenir une conversation. De violents maux lui serrent constamment l’estomac et semblent l’empêcher de respirer. Des coups de poings et de pieds lui ont été donnés sur cette partie du corps. À un moment se souvient-il: “J’avais été projeté par terre face contre le sol. Un policier m’a attrapé par la ceinture et le col. Il m’a tiré vers le haut tout en appuyant un genou contre la colonne vertébrale. C’était comme s’il voulait me casser en deux…” Des douleurs, il en ressent partout, au cou, au rein, dans le dos, sur le torse, à la tête, aux bras, au visage. Entre les mains des hommes du CID de Curepipe, Nitin Chinien raconte avoir été étranglé, giflé, battu à coups de poings et de pieds, projeté dans les escaliers, sur le sol, contre une armoire métallique, sur une table. On lui a aussi cogné la tête contre sa mallette. Durant cette séance de torture dans les locaux du CID à Curepipe, Nitin Chinien, 26 ans, raconte s’être évanoui. Il a été réveillé pour être passé à tabac une fois de plus.

Le chanteur, qui ne fait qu’une cinquantaine de kilos, porte des traces sur différentes parties du corps. Il n’arrive toujours pas à oublier l’horreur qu’il a vécue, mercredi. Il a aussi été menacé de mort, insulté, humilié, torturé dans son âme. Pour pouvoir recourir la liberté, Nitin Chinien raconte avoir signé un document dont il ne connaît pas le contenu. L’un de ses principaux agresseurs a aussi exigé que le jeune homme lui serre vigoureusement la main et lui présente ses excuses avant qu’il ne soit autorisé à quitter les lieux. Des excuses parce qu’il leur avait parlé “des droits de l’homme. Il m’a dit de ne plus faire cela”. Les policiers ont aussi menacé de le kidnapper et d’en finir avec lui si jamais il les dénonçait. Mais Nitin Chinien a décidé qu’il ne pouvait rester tranquille.

read more | photo: Illustration of Torture, Tate Modern, London.

Call: 113 June 17, 2007

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 “Ki fer zanfan ris la kol ?” demande Shirin Aumeeruddy-Cziffra, l’Ombudsperson for Children aux quelque 100 enfants rassemblés dans la salle de formation de l’église de Roche-Bois. La réponse fuse : “Pou gayn nisa.”

The Bureau of the Ombudsperson for Children, has been organising a campaign, “16 jours, 16 droits”, aimed at making young people aware of their rights. It is also reported that in year 2000, there were an estimated 700 children forced into labour. The Ombudsperson wished to put and end to such practice, along with inherent ill-treatment. The public is requested to call on 113 to report any case of forced labour, ill-treatment or any form of abuse against children.

HRS believes that children should be entitled to education, physical well-being, parental care,… but above all, to the right to hapiness. Let us, together, strive to ensure that the young children surrounding us enjoy the right of ‘being happy’.

HRS members might want to react on the following HR topics, and what can be done to overcome same:

  • Child Labour
  • Ill-treatment of children and vulnerable persons.
  • Abuse of Drugs by children

(photo: L’Express) View Article here.

Aggression on Campus June 5, 2007

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Dear friends,

Are we safe on campus? Recently, one of us has been victim of an agression on campus. This is not the first of this kind and there are many more that we are unaware of. Please share your opinion with us, wrt human rights. Let us know what you feel about Sanjiv’s story and how you react to:

  1. The claimed indifference of students and staff
  2. “Non-assistance a personne en danger”
  3. Insecurity & aggression cases on campus

But most importantly, what you think can and should be done.

Below is Sanjiv’s story, posted on Mrs Chan-Meetoo’s blog (lecturer at uom), reproduced ad verbatim.

… Hi everyone, my name is Sanjiv. I’m following an Msc course in management at the University .Here is a story that happened to me at the University of Mauritius .
On February the 22nd of this year at about 4.00 PM ,I was in my car going to the University from Rose-Hill ,just as I reached the round –about of Reduit I took the lane on the left which goes to the University side.
When I entered that lane, there was a white van which was behind mine. The van started horning at me, as if he got annoyed that I came in front of him. As I reach the round-about, I stopped to see if I can go through, the white van horned again. I didn’t bother because this kind of attitude is now common nowadays that people seemed to be in a hurry and angry mood when driving and not respecting other human beings.
I continued my way on the road. As I reached the cross-here near the University bus stop, students were crossing in front of my car, so I was obliged to stop again and let the students crossed. The white van behind me horned again and again behind me and was shouting at me “ ROULER TA ..”.I looked at the back and signed “What’s wrong”.
I continued to move and I saw a policeman near the bus-stop ,I tried to make him a sign that someone behind me is hurrying me but he seemed to be more busy watching other things and did not pay attention to my problem.
So I continued to move and I reached the second round-about ,I had to stop again because cars from the Octave Wiehe are crossing in front of my car.The van horned again.I was morally exhausted with that white van but I couldn’t do anything,I was not stopping deliberately ,I’m driving normally.
Finally I found a space through and continued my way to find for a parking, I looked at the mirror and I saw that the van was still behind mine.
Just after the passerelle of ‘University of Mauritius’,I continued to move and found a parking near the security guards’ office. I stopped my car and didn’t bother about the white van, I took my bag and got out of the car. (more…)

Topic2: Polemics on Azaan April 18, 2007

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Wide polemics have surrounded the verdict of the Supreme Court on the muslim call to prayers, Azaan. Several parties have voiced out their opinions on this issue, at times, in a very very explicit way (ref: the hostile crowd gathered in the street on Port-Louis on 13/04/07). The situation could have resulted in to civil brawl.

Have a say on the topic.

Topic1: Sexual Offences Bill April 18, 2007

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Hello Members,

We would  like to initiate discussions on two topics that have been in the news lately:

  1. Sexual Offences Bill (legalising sodomy as from 18 yrs).

We would like to know how you feel about these two issues and how they affect you. And, also your views on same in relation to your interpretation \ appreciation of Human Rights.

Sundeep Tengur

Hello World. Enter HRS. April 18, 2007

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Greetings to all.

This is our very first post on our newly created blogspace. This site is to host our discussions on topics pertaining to Human Rights. Feel free to create your own topics and initiate discussions on these.

Kindly respect netiquette rules while you are online. We respect and value the opinion of our members and in turn, we invite them to reciprocate same towards other members of the HRS.

Cheers to all,

Sundeep, HRS President

Women’s Day ’07 March 8, 2007

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The Human Rights Society – HRS has organised it’s very first activity today, to mark the International Women’s Day. The constitution of our society has not been approved yet (encore et tjrs la bureaucracie a l’UoM) and that is sad. Am pretty satisfied that we, a bunch of few, managed to organise something nonetheless. We organised a poster-campaign to highlight the rights of women, along with playback of female singers. The university crowd & staff are not very much responsive to such activities and we did not expect it to be otherwise either, but it would be nice if people would realise how noble it is to fight for one’s basic rights. However, am glad that we made it.

A small word from the President for the occasion. (link)